Maek is about originality. Maek supports the bold ethics and hard work
of the creative industry. Drawing from the skills of fashion designers,
graphic designers, graffiti artists, painters and photographers.

Maek believe in self expression which is why the brand lives by the motto
'Maek it original'. Maek is all about creating authentic and wearable fashion
accessories which are reliable in quality and built to last for both the casual
& the dedicated urban individual who is creative and has attention to detail.

Along with the inspiration of the art world, Maek produce unique and high
quality accessories that stand out from the crowd.

Currently, there are four collaborations with some of Nottingham's finest
creative individuals including freelance illustrator Jon Burgerman who
specialises in creating doodles, street - wear apparel designer Bantum,
internationally renowned graffiti artist Dilk and ethical urban fashion
brand Regenerate.