Skunkfunk eyewear is not intended to compel the wearer to take on a
certain style, instead it seeks to adapt to the wearer on the street, with
imagination and steering clear of all those clone wars out there.

Imaginative options that enable the wearer to create their own style
based on the wide range of concepts that Skunkfunk steeped itself in
over the years it spent in London and Berlin of the 90's, taking inspiration
from the lifestyles of a whole array of real people who, far from following
trends, actually make trends follow them.

Skunkfunk products are on sale in over 1000 outlets scattered across
four continents. Collections continue to grow season after season,
reinventing themselves year after year.

Skunkfunk eyewear offers high standards in quality & style, & is not scared
to push the boundaries offering bold & unique ranges year after year.