Svea is a trademark deeply rooted in streetwear culture, with focus on
unisex and the emphasis on girls. This is the 21st century’s interpretation
of the classic style.

Behind all strong trademarks, there's a story, and Svea is no exception.
A history gives credibility and solidity, and arouses interest. This is
the platform on which to develop and grow. History is so important that
sometimes it’s made up. But Svea's history is true.

It all started with a young lad who won a skateboard championship
in 1998. With the championship title in one hand, and the seed of a
business concept in the other, he walked into Stockholm's leading
streetwear shop at that time. He convinced the owner about the concept
and the Svea trademark was born. His idea was to import anonymous
hardware from the USA and tag it as Svea. Skateboard wheels, bags
and other fun products. Soon the range broadened intoclothing.